Container-detachable waste collection vehicle (Transfer type)

The container-detachable waste collection vehicle is a waste transfer vehicle offered by our company for horizontal waste transfer stations. It’s mainly functioned to transport the compacted household waste from the waste transfer station to the waste disposal site under sealed mode or collect the bulk wastes. This vehicle can be matched with different tank bodies for different waste transfer stations and the full-sealed design of tank body can prevent the secondary pollution during the transport. The loading and loading of the tank and the dumping of waste can be completed by the driver alone on or off the vehicle. It's a new and environmental-friendly waste transfer vehicle with simple and reliable operations.



• It’s equipped with renowned brand lift hook superstructure system, which is installed with multiple safety interlocking protection devices.

• All controls can be made by the driver in the cab by operating one multi-way pneumatic valve.

• The high strength structural parts are applied for critical locations to improve safety and prolong life.

• With the installed tank lowering cushion device, the tank body can be seated gently on the truck to prevent rigid impact.

• The waste transfer containers installed on this vehicle are of full-enclosed type to eliminate the secondary pollution and realize better environmental-friendliness.

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