Trash bins collection vehicle

Zoomlion Trash bins collection vehicle is a high performance binned waste transport vehicle developed and designed independently on the basis of the advantages of like products both home and abroad. Featuring beautiful appearance, excellent performance, and advanced operations and controls, this vehicle adopts hydraulic tail plate to realize the loading and unloading of waste bins, which ensures simple and quick collection and dumping of wastes and eliminates the secondary pollution during transport.  It’s mainly applicable for the collection of wastes in urban roads, leisure squares, residential communities, parks, and stations.


• Beautiful and elegant appearance modeling. The panels on two sides are made by molds and the whole vehicle features compact and smooth appearance and high beauty and elegance.

• Low labor strength.The hydraulic tail plate is applied to realize the loading and unloading of waste bins, which remarkably reduces the labor strength.

• No pollution or leakage. Thanks to the integral transport with waste bin, it eliminates the sewage leakage and waste spilling.

• High reliability and safety. The electric and hydraulic combination control is applied and the safety protection devices are installed to guarantee the accurate and reliable motions of all mechanisms. Meanwhile, the vehicle compartment floor is installed with anti-slip checkered panel.

• Easy operations and controls. The mobile and fixed operation boxes are installed to ensure simple operations.

• High quality imported parts. The critical parts of electric and hydraulic systems adopt imported products, including operation buttons and cylinder seals, to improve the working reliability of binned waste collection vehicle.

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