Docking garbage compactor (Collection type)

Zoomlion docking garbage compactor is a new sealed waste collection vehicle designed in response to the market needs. This vehicle is composed of chassis, waste tank, tilting dumping mechanism, hydraulic system, and electronic control system, featuring beautiful appearance, comfortable driving, easy operations, high mobility and flexibility, high reliability, and can be extensively applied for the sealed collection of household waste in urban streets, residential communities, and large enterprises.

• High environmental-friendliness: The design of leak-free waste tank eliminates the spilling of waste and sewage during transport.

• High convenience: This product adopts the side sliding door loading method to realize simpler and more flexible collection of wastes.

• High reliability: The hydraulic system is driven by PTO, featuring high working reliability.

• Dumping mode: The tilting dumping mode is applied to ensure rapid and clean dumping.

• Good matching performance: It can match with garbage compactor for operations.

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