Self-loading/dumping waste collection vehicle

The Zoomlion self-loading/dumping waste collection vehicle is a waste collection vehicle with independent intellectual property rights, featuring convenient and reliable waste collection and powerful mobility. It’s composed of waste tank, waste bin tilting mechanism, lifting mechanism, rear gate locking mechanism, hydraulic system, and electric system.  It features high loading efficiency, high reliability, and easy repairs. It’s applicable for the waste collection and transport in cities and towns.


Working procedure

Step 1: Collect binned waste

Step 2: Drive to waste transfer station after the tank is full of wastes.

Step 3: Open rear gate and tilt the vehicle compartment to dump the wastes.



• High environmental-friendliness: The full-enclosed tank body with sealed rear gate is applied to realize the sealed transport of waste, eliminate the spilling of garbage and sewage, and prevent the secondary pollution during the transport.

• High efficiency: The loading mechanism of simple structure and reliable performance is applied to realize short loading cycle time and high running efficiency of the loading mechanism.

• Hydraulic system: The mechanism motions are controlled by manual multi-way valve to cancel the complicated control system and ensure high reliability.

• Waste bin tilting mechanism: The designs of the waste bin tilting bracket and the feeding port are optimized to prevent the spilling of waste during loading.

• High loading capacity: The waste tank features large volume and high loading capacity and can meet the demands of most customers.

• Dumping mode: The tilting dumping mode is applied to ensure rapid and clean dumping.

• Good matching performance: It can match with Zoomlion YJC400 series vertical compacting station for operations.

• Humanized settings: The nighttime working lamp is installed near the waste bin tilting mechanism to ease the operations at nighttime.


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