Container-detachable waste collection vehicle (Collection type)

Container-detachable waste collection vehicle (Collection type) is a new vehicle that integrates the collection and transport functions of the wastes. It’s composed of vehicle chassis and lift hook. The installed waste collection tank can be separated from the vehicle body and can realize integral loading/unloading and sealed transport by lift hook. The waste bins are distributed by the container-detachable waste collection vehicle to every corner of the city for collection of bagged wastes in streets and communities as well as the collection of bulk wastes in narrow areas of the roads. The waste bins can also be used independently for urban waste collection stations. The fully filled waste bins are transported by container-detachable waste collection vehicle to a medium or higher waste transfer station or directly to a waste landfill for disposal. This mode only requires a hard land, requiring no civil engineering construction. The waste tank adopts the full-sealed design to eliminate the odor diffusion. This product can realize “One vehicle for multiple containers” to remarkably reduce the investment and operation costs.

• The main cylinder adopts the buffer structure to ensure smooth motions and low operation noise during the loading of waste bins.

• The balance valve control is applied for the main cylinder to prevent the safety accidents due to burst of hydraulic system pipes.

• The full-hydraulic control is applied so that the operator within the cab can complete the loading and unloading of waste bins.

• The electric interlocking device is applied to improve the operation safety of the equipment.

• The critical electric parts adopt the imported products to guarantee the reliability of equipment.

• The container adopts the full-enclosed design to eliminate the sewage leakage and secondary pollution problem during the transport and achieve better environmental protection.

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