Leak-free garbage compactor

In response to the sewage leakage problem during the waste collection and transport, Zoomlion launched the leak-free garbage compactor to bravely break through the sewage leakage bottleneck of traditional rear-loading garbage compactor, achieve multiple technologic breakthroughs with reference to the advanced design concept of foreign products, and obtain multiple technologic patents to bring about innovative reform for the traditional waste collection and transport mode. Compared with traditional rear-loading garbage compactors, the leak-free garbage compactor removes the pre-compactor and arranges the compacting mechanism on the top of the waste tank and adopts the waste bin compression type loading mechanism by new cylinder-driven waste bin compression plate, featuring powerful adaptability, high working stability and reliability, and adaptability to diversified domestic waste collection modes. It’s mainly applied for the collection and transport of township domestic wastes, especially the collection and transport of the domestic wastes with high water content that are not preliminarily classified. It’s applicable for the collection and transport of 240L/660L standard plastic waste bins by loading collection mode. It can be used together with garbage transfer station and garbage treatment stations and can also be used to directly transport the garbage to the garbage landfill.

 Strong sewage collection capability

High environmental-friendliness

• Ship-shaped rear waste tank: The ship-shaped baseplate design features powerful water storage capacity and eliminates the sewage leakage problem.

• Anti-splashing constant-gap compacting mechanism: The pioneering dynamic compacting constant-gap control technology always maintains the constant gap between the compacting mechanism and waste tank opening to eliminate the splashing of wastes.

• Adjustable back gate sealing technology: The adjustable design is applied for the back gate of the waste tank to realize the compacting amount compensation function for rubber sealing strips.

• The double-mode design for the leak-free garbage compactor matches automatically with high and low speeds of engine to realize normal and low-noise operations respectively. 


High Efficiency

• The compacting ratio is improved to 1:2.7 by finite element analysis and dynamic simulation calculation to promote the transport efficiency.


High intelligence

• Breaking through the traditional I/O+PLC control mode of waste collection vehicles in the market, this product is applied with the nowadays industry’s most advanced “CAN bus + special controller mode”, featuring high automation level, low malfunction rate, high reliability, long life, and more convenient operations and maintenances.

• The multimedia real-time monitoring system monitors the compression, loading, dumping, and reversing camera information to guarantee the operation safety.



• Strong sewage collection capability: The high capacity sewage tank is provided to realize higher sewage storage capability.

• The compacting mechanism can cover the feeding port of the waste tank to realize enclosed transport and eliminate the splashing of wastes during transport.

• The unique waste bin compression technology by cylinder-driven waste bin compressing plate eliminates the waste bin falloff risk probably occurred during the high-position loading.

• Breaking through the traditional I/O+PLC control mode of garbage compactors in the market, this product is applied with the nowadays industry’s most advanced “CAN bus + special controller mode”, featuring high automation level, high reliability, low malfunction rate, long life.

• The surface-contact lateral contact limit technology is applied to improve the extending smoothness and stability of the bulldozing blade.

• It features better trafficability and more powerful obstacle avoidance performance and can adapt to severe working environments including narrow streets in old town and landfills.

• The multiple interlocking protection design guarantees safety and reliability.

• The finite element modeling (FEM) based design method combines with new light materials to realize lightweight overall structure.

• The economic working speed boasts low fuel consumption.

• It features high loading capacity and low transport cost.

• The high quality weather-resistant steel is applied to ensure high limit strength and corrosion resistance.

• The control panel is made of high quality silicon rubber to realize high corrosion and wear resistance and can centrally display the working condition information to realize comfortable operations.

• The imported ferrule type hydraulic pipelines improve the life and reliability.

• The high quality combination proportional control valve reduces the working noise.

• The intelligent multimedia system brings about more humanized operating experience.

• The double working mode, namely low noise mode and high efficiency mode, are provided to complete the operations by one-touch button.

• This product is built by professional industrial design team, featuring high fashion and elegance. The parts, including aluminum alloy skirt guardrails and left and right trim panels on top of tank body, are exquisitely designed to realize high beauty and elegance.

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