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Recently, Changsha Development and Reform Commission announced the 2019 List of Approved Enterprise Technology Centers, in which, Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Enviro, ranked the first, becoming an enterprise platform for technological and industrial innovations in the city. Dr. Zhang Bin at Zoomlion Environmental was appointed by Changsha Development and Reform Commission as the Director of the Changsha Enterprise Technology Center and Mr. Liu Quan the Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Center.



Approval of Changsha Enterprise Technology Centers is an important initiative launched by the city to speed up the building of technology innovation platforms led by companies, empower them to make more breakthroughs in core technologies, enable the innovation-driven industrial cluster transformation, foster new strategic industries and build the city into a national industrial center for intelligent manufacturing.

Regarding this approval, Infore Enviro stood out of hundreds of peers, ranking the first place and becoming an enterprise platform for technological and industrial innovations, thanks to the stunning innovations represented by its sanitation robots that integrate sanitation equipment with artificial intelligence.





▲ Fleet of Intelligent Sanitation Robots

Upholding the vision of "Cleaner World, Better Future", Infore Enviro-based Changsha Enterprise Technology Center will dedicate itself to becoming a trusted leading provider of intelligent environmental equipment and services with sanitation robots being the core. In doing so, by keeping close to the innovation strategies for intelligence industry at national, provincial and local levels, it will spare no effort into development and implementation of robot technologies and strive to lead the innovation-driven reform of this industry.